MICROCHEM® by AlphaTec® 3000 is one of the lightest and most comfortable chemical protective materials on the market today. This durable multi-layer fabric provides an extremely effective barrier against both inorganic chemicals and biological hazards.

Features & Benefits
Multi-layer barrier fabric effective against numerous chemicals

Highly visible
Bright yellow for improved worker safety

Lightweight yet durable

Tested according to EN 1149-5 and AATCC 76

Designed to protect
Typical coverall features include dual zip systems and double cuffs

Ultrasonically Welded Seams
Provides a strong liquid and particle barrier

Typical Applications
- Chemicals
- Oil and petrochemicals
- Pharmaceuticals
- Food industry (caustic clean downs)
- Sewage purification installations
- Industrial and tank cleaning
- Mining

Protection Levels and Additional Properties
Type 3-B
Type 4-B
Type 5-B
EN 14126
EN 1073-2
EN 1149-5

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Type 3bType 4bType 5b1073-21149-514126