2000 comfort
MICROCHEM® by AlphaTec® COMFORT has been specifically designed for those working in warmer climates or warm working environments to help reduce the risk of heat stress.

The critical areas to the front of the garment (including the hood, arms and legs) are 2000 fabric offering a high level of liquid and particle protection with a low level of water vapor resistance. Water vapor resistance according to EN 31092 of Ret <15*

The back panel is 1500 PLUS fabric which is air and water vapor permeable. This panel allows airflow around the suit, increasing wearer comfort. Air permeability result according to EN ISO 9237 of 160 L/m2.s

* Ret is a measurement of a materials resistance to moisture vapor transfer. The lower the value the less resistance there is and therefore the more breathable the fabric.

Features & Benefits
Hood, arms, legs and front torso in 2000 fabric

Air and water vapor permeable (breathable) to help reduce the risk of heat stress

Silicone Free
Critical in spray painting applications

Tested according to EN 1149-5 and AATCC 76

Bound Seams
Superior strength, liquid and particle barrier compared to serged seams.

Typical Applications
- Pharmaceutical Industries
- Cleanrooms
- Paint spraying
- Veterinary services
- Pest control

Protection Levels and Additional Properties
Type 5
Type 6
EN 1073-2
EN 1149-5

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Type 5Type 61149-51073-2