MICROCHEM® by AlphaTec® 5000 reaches new levels in chemical protection and has been engineered to protect. The highly visible multi layer fabric is strong, durable and suitable for workers in extremely hazardous areas, including HAZMAT response teams.

Features & Benefits
Barrier to numerous organic and inorganic chemicals and biological hazards. >480 minutes breakthrough time against 14 of 15 chemicals listed in EN ISO 6529. Fully encapsulated versions are also available.

Multi layer material which is lightweight, yet strong and durable

Highly visible
Bright orange color for improved worker safety

Tested according to EN 1149-5 and AATCC 76

Designed to protect
Innovative design features include liquid-tight dual zip designs without the need for additional taping

Ultrasonically Welded and Taped Seams
Provides a strong liquid and particle barrier

Typical Applications
- Industrial and tank cleaning
- Sewage purification installations
- Chemicals
- Oil and petrochemicals
- Pharmaceuticals
- Mining
- Agriculture
- HAZMAT Emergency Response (i.e. Level B)
- First response and fire service

Protection Levels and Additional Properties
Type 3-B
Type 4-B
Type 5-B
EN 14126
EN 1073-2
EN 1149-5
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Type 3bType 4bType 5b1073-21149-514126