2000 SOCO
MICROCHEM® by AlphaTec® 2300 provides an excellent barrier to harmful chemicals and blood borne pathogens, while being lightweight and relatively strong and durable.

Features & Benefits
A barrier to numerous inorganic liquid chemicals including acids and bases and achieves the highest classifications for protection from biological agents in accordance with EN 14126:2003 and ASTM F 1671 for penetration of blood, body fluids and blood-borne pathogens

Lightweight yet strong and durable

Tested according to EN 1149-5 and AATCC 76

Designed to protect
Typical coverall features include respirator fit hood and a zip flap with self-adhesive tape closure

Typical applications
- Environmental clean-up
- Sewage purification installations
- Inudstrial and chemical manufacturing

Protection Levels and Additional Properties
Type 5-B
Type 6-B
EN 14126
EN 1073-2
EN 1149-5

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Type 5bType 6b1073-21149-514126